Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MicrophoneHE (bada - wave app)

Microphone is a handy utility application that transforms your Bada phone
into a microphone. This can be accomplished in three simple steps. 1.  Start application Microphone.
2.  Connect Bada phone audio-out to microphone-in, like a PC or MAC, via 3.5 mm
male-to-male audio cable.
3.  Press PLAY inside application. Now your Bada phone just becomes a microphone.

1.   High quality audio output
2.   Automatic shutdown during incoming call or SMS
3.   Built-in HowTo guide
4.   Volume control
5.   Power saving mode that enable application runs for very long time
6.   If phone is in flight mode, application igonres incoming call or SMS
7.   Very low latency
8.   If App is Interrupted by Incoming Call, SMS, Screen Lock, Screen Capture,
or Suspension, This App Terminates Automatically

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