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The best Android mobile Phone Speed ​​Booster App with Device cleaning and optimization (android app)

Who does not want their smartphones not fast enough to apps have to be processed and no lag? Buying a high-end smartphone with the latest high-end processor and the other quality internal hardware is not comfortable enough, the performance of your phone, because you may be filling a lot of stuff in the background and slows down the device so that the Phone unable to multitasking and heavy apps at ease. To improve performance, you need some management applications that take care of most of the processes and apps you use your phone work smoother.

A really good app in this category that helps to increase the speed of Android smartphones, is DU Speed ​​Booster, which has a wide range of functions. It is to kill not only inactive applications or processes, but in fact does much to improve the performance of your phone. Let's dig into the details to see what is offered by the app.
DU Speed Booster App Optimize
Scoring and optimization: There is a direct way to check the score of the entire smartphone. Once the app judges all things, a score of 100 is given, and you can then choose to optimize with a single tap when the app says that optimization is required. This is a total performance computer, so you do not have to manually check for problems in each area.

The various functions that you can use in DU Speed ​​Booster are:

Accelerator – To help your phone maintain top speed

DU Speed Booster App Accelerator
The accelerator shows you the running processes and the applications that start automatically. For rooted phones, you can freeze the app manager and free memory in the device. The process manager shows how much memory is available and how many processes, must be vacated by free more memory. The number of slowing questions are displayed, and the "Accelerate" button can be used in a single tap speed up your device.

Trash Cleaner – To clean the cache and residual files

DU Speed Booster App Trash Cleaner
The garbage cleaner section shows you what percentage of garbage files, apps, residual system files, compressed files and more are in the internal memory of the phone presence and in the SD card. The Cache Cleaner cleans in the trash of apps left and you can choose to either remove the cache for individual apps or all apps at once.
DU Speed Booster App Residual Cleaner
In the residue cleaner, you can see the residual waste system files and the app garbage files. Strike one of them gives you the option to either clean or see more details.

App Manager – uninstall and manage apk files

DU Speed Booster App Manager
Just like most other Application Manager, DU SpeedBooster Manager section comes with a list of installed applications in your phone, and you can choose to uninstall / individually or manage multiple applications at once the apps. There is also a separate section for system pre-installed apps (bloatware) that are not shown directly in many App Manager, and here you can choose to delete pre-installed apps. This is a great feature because you usually need to root your phone is able to do so.

There is also an option for moving apps to the SD card, where you will be transferred from the internal memory to the SD card information about which apps can given. You can download apps on SD right off when there is less space available internally.

Game Booster – Speed up your Android games

DU Speed Booster App Game Booster
This is one of the best original features in DU Speed ​​Booster, which can make your games run faster. The app automatically detects and lists games that can be accelerated, or you can manually select games one-by-one. The app then allocates the system resources in such a way that the matches will be detected and improved, thus benefiting your images-per-second graphics output.

Security – Permissions, Call & SMS Blacklist

DU Speed Booster App Security
The DU-security function has a number of functions. Not only does it keep your phone safe from viruses, but it also contains very useful options such as contact Blocking (calls and SMS), the ability to check the permissions for each app, and the ability to disable all apps when they pose no threat the security of the phone.

The Permission Manager shows you which apps have certain permissions; ie, the apps, the calls that can read the messages that can use location services, etc. You can use any app that you will be able to drop feel with permissions that should not have it.

Call & SMS Blocker allows add contact to the blacklist and then you can see what calls and SMS'es be blocked by the app if you want to check.

Battery Saver

This function negates again the need to use a special app for saving battery life on your smartphone. The app shows how much the usage time may be extended if the user allows the battery saver mode. There are no special features apart from the enable / disable options, but it does what it is intended - to improve the usage time.

The settings section and the spaceship

DU Speed Booster App Settings
The setting range does not have many options because whatever you wanted was already there in the big list of services in the app. But of setings you can widgets on the home screen or plce a Quick Switch widget with a floating window that is displayed on each screen or just on the home page can make. The floating window offers not only the possibility to easily reach the speed of the system, but also includes links to connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Data Network, ring tones, brightness, etc.
DU Speed Booster App Spaceship
There is also a nice way to ship that dissolves in the announcement at a particular location on the screen to clean up DU Speed ​​Booster, the processes and make the device faster than it currently is. The spaceship starts, and it shows you how many processes have been killed and how much RAM is free, but you can not delete the rest and garbage files with this option.

Overall, DU Speed ​​Booster to make a pretty brilliant way your phone free from anything that you do not want, but had no easy way to clean, and it also lets you easily free RAM by killing the current processes, are running in the background.
The app is available for Free on the Google Play Store:
 Google Play

The best Android apps for FIFA 2014 in Brazil Coverage on your phone

fifa app 

1. The Fifa App

Fifa’s official mobile app is the best companion to rely upon for the Brazil 2014 World Cup. The app is available in Android as well as for iOS devices too. The app has some features:
  • All the latest news in a separate section, and lists of coaches and players for all the 32 teams playing the FIFA 2014 world cup
  • Groups, schedules and qualification matches details and information of the host cities
  • Lists complete schedule of 64 matches played in tournaments
  • Breaking stories, galleries from Getty images, videos from the FIFA TV Studio and FIFA archives
There will be an update coming soon which will introduce the Minute-by-Minute updates for all the matches and also fix the bugs that are causing frequent crashes and failed requests.
Google Play

2. World Cup Brazil 2014

With the World cup Brazil 2014 app, users can get to know all about the FIFA World Cup latest news and updates. The app is available for Android devices only. The app has some unique features:
  • Includes countdowns for duration of ball rolls in Sao Paulo
  • Display the next games on home screen
  • Gives information about a specific selection (games, team and country)
  • Provide videos, news and players summoned
  • Update the data in real time
  • View the match progress on home screen
There will be an update coming soon which will provide the information on previous matches along with the historical statistics of clashes between two selected teams. There will a version of French language is coming to the app, the twitter messages of major players will be seen in the home screen of the app.
Google Play

3. Jalvasco World Cup 2014

The Jalvasco World cup 2014 app is similar to the official FIFA app. It integrates photos, news and other information regarding the World Cup. The app is available for Android devices only. The app has some unique features:
  • Full customization of data where the teams are tracked, and the groups, matches and conferences are listed after each match
  • The entire schedule of all the matches to be held in the FIFA 2014 tournament
  • Match details includes scores, line up, substitute players, cards, the list of substitutions
  • Browsing results in offline mode (No internet required)
  • History of previous results of finals of FIFA cups
Google Play

4. FotMob – World cup 2014 Brazil

FotMob has an impressive interface and the last page takes the users to the point with three tabs listing yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s matches. The app is available to Android as well as ios devices too. The app has some unique features:
  • Gives audio coverage of football in the app
  • Live commentaries in text, given by football experts for major leagues
  • Commentaries in English, German and Spanish
  • All the match stats from the beginning to end of the match
  • News from the top football leagues and top club news
Google Play

5. Onefootball Brasil- World Cup

Onefootball is the most comprehensive football app to stay updated. The app is available at Android as well as iOS devices too. The app has some unique features:
  • Provides live commentary and also exclusive live ticker for all matches of the tournament.
  • Gives Match schedules, results and personalized push notifications
  • Chat with other fans around the world during a live match
  • Videos, press conferences and interviews are also shown
  • Detailed World cup news before and during the tournament
Google Play

6. SofaScore World Cup Live

Sofa score is another, the most popular sports of football, tennis and basketball, but also less popular such as darts and snooker follows general App. This is a live sports app with an efficient widget. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices. The app has some unique features:
  • Create a list of favorite teams and games receive the notifications and video highlights
  • Live section lets a user to see matches are being played, graphs and each team’s performance and form
  • Get live football news, analysis, live scores, match stats and text  commentaries
Google Play

7. BBC Sport

The BBC Sport app provides the latest sports news, live action and highlights. The app allows users to watch games and highlights, read the articles, while BBC radio, football team alerts to follow live scores and even customize and quick links to the most popular sports and football teams. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices. The app has some unique features:
  • Homescreen displaying the top stories across the world of sport
  • The user can set match alerts for all the teams playing the World Cup 2014 as well as more than 150 domestic football clubs, where details such as line ups, kick offs, goals and results are shown.
  • Quick links to favorite sports and teams, allowing customization
  • Watch the events live or catch up with the highlights
  • Listen to BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio 5 live sports
  • News, analysis, live scores and commentaries available from the app
There will be an update coming soon for the app which will add new features to the app and also notifies the user when they become available in the app store.
Google Play

8. Forza Soccer

The Forza Football previously known as Live Score Addicts, is a live app updates, results and statistics of soccer games provides. It also offers football fans a platform to share their opinions and ideas. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. The app has some unique features:
  • Users can track the details of particular teams, players or matches
  • Live Bracket feature – to display potential outputs with infographics
  • Set alerts for the favorite teams and pin matches
  • Push notification per team or match, with details
  • Pre-match line-ups with formations and player options
  • Share opinions and answer the poll questions about the squad, the manager, the chairman
Google Play

10. Sports Republic

Mobile Sports Republic has is towards the sports news articles aligned come up with an excellent news aggregator News Republic. It has an unrivaled reach, a beautiful design and an intuitive user interface optimized independently for smartphone and tablets. Sports Republic gathers news about any major sports from around the world. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. The app has unique features:
  •    Provides visual for all the latest news from favorite sports
  •    Explore via ‘Tag Nav’a innovative news navigation system
  •    Enjoy complete articles with photos and videos from trusted sources
  •    A quality section of top world sport publications, including Fansided, SB Nation, sports media 101, reuters.
Google Play

SwiftKey for Android is now free with paid keyboard issues (Android keyboard app)

SwiftKey, one of the best keyboard-provider option has now begun with the app for free along with hundreds of keyboard options. The prices of various colorful, vibrant and stylish keyboards are either free or be dropped now at the best low prices offered. So just in case if you want to address your keyboard, then this is the best option for you. Should be noted point, these topics have been created in-house by designer Scott Weiss, more than 50 topics created also offered for free under the "Premiere Pack". The rest of the keyboards of the curated collections a la VSCO Cam filter will still cost around a dollar.

 With over 200 million active devices, SwiftKey and 6 million user installs actually purchased, it really says how popular the app. While iOS users still need to wait for this one to arrive for their devices, until then you can make use of the same in the Android smartphones and tablets. More or less, SwiftKey is always the freemium app that offers the best of both free and premium model. As in society, users of SwiftKey demand for additional styles that represent the highest desired function. With increased adjustments or the user settings options for users, the app that goes SwiftKey with additional benefits. This comes before the launch of Apple iOS8 from being rolled out to users very soon.
A separate series of numbers has also been added, word prediction has been improved and the latest version will support 66 languages. You can download the free version and paid version of SwiftKey keyboard from the Google Play Store. Please let us know just in case if you have below a feedback on the SwiftKey in the comments.

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

How to Root Galaxy Tab 4 Android device:

Download and unzip the files for rooting your Galaxy Tab 4, which also includes the Odin file.

Assuming that all the device drivers installed successfully, now you have your Galaxy Tab in download mode.

Galaxy Tab can press 4 (middle button) to be entered into the download mode by holding the Volume Down button + the Home key. Hold these two buttons, you must turn on your device.

As soon as the device gets into download mode, connect your phone to the computer using the original USB cable and then you will see that the ID: COM section will turn yellow or blue indicating that all the drivers successfully installed.

Click Select "PDA" tab in the Odin to the tar file, the "Start" button after extracting the firmware package was Odin. Once you have clicked on the same, you have to wait for about 3 -4 minutes for the update process to get completed.

After the device is successfully updated, you will see the setting option language in the device, and then disconnect the device to the "Root Checker" Download app from the Google Play Store.
Note: If the device gets in the boot loop sequence or say, is stuck in the welcome screen, just long press the power button and then follow the above instructions, so again, follow the instructions above.
So there you go, you now have successful as you learned your Galaxy Tab Android Tablet root 4. Please let us know just in case if you put in the Comments section, any questions in the process of rooting the device.

Download-install and Manual Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 with Official Kitkat 4.4.2 XXUDNE4

Galaxy Note N8000 OTA 
 How to update 10.1 N8000 Galaxy Note with Android OS 4.4.2 Kitkat:
Download Android 4.4.2 0S Kitkat Package from here to your computer along with the Odin file. Once downloaded, extract Odin in your computer and turn off the N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1.

Enter your N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 in download mode. By holding the Volume Down key + Home key button (the middle button). Hold these two buttons, you must turn on your device.

If Galaxy Note 10.1 is in the normal mode, then you must use the command to retry the device into download mode.

Connect your tablet to your computer using the original USB cable. Assuming that Odin opened in your computer and ID: COM section is yellow / blue, click on "PDA" / tab "AP" in the Odin to the rooting file you after extracting the firmware package received, select click on "Start" in Odin.

Once you click "Start", you will now need to look for the whole process of the firmware is ready to wait. The whole process of firmware update will take about 3 -4 minutes and once done, the phone will automatically restart.

Once the device updates, you can now see that the device will reboot and it will take about 3 -5 minutes for setting up the machine.
Go to the path "Settings> About tablet" where you can check the firmware version 4.4.2 as Kitkat Android OS version XXUDNE4.
Note: If at all Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is in the boot loop sequence, then you must turn off the power, then at the update from the beginning. To turn the battery use or say you can long press the power button.
So there you go, you have now successfully using the latest version of Android OS 4.4.2 Kitkat updated your tablet. Please let us know if you make in the process of firmware update in the comments section just in case any questions.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Create 3D Live Wallpapers in your Android Phone – Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper (android app)

Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper - screenshot thumbnail 
Create your own 3D parallax Live Wallpaper.

Simply take a photo with the Google Camera Lens Blur feature (Android 4.4 only) and share them on this app or the access of user-generated blurred images of Google Plus.

-Unique mesmerizing effect - see photos in 3D
-Fully customizable

Depth photo Live Wallpaper contains a large selection of background images you get started.

Upgrade to the full app for ad-free, adjustable sensitivity, automatic movement and gyroscope options.

To begin, press and hold on an empty spot on the home screen, select Wallpaper, Wallpaper, and then bringing depth photo from the list.

Gyroscope support varies by device.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Download and install Google Play Store v 4.8.20 APK for Android

  • Grab the APK file of Google Play Store App v4.8.20 from here – Download Now.

Google Play Store Update 4.8.20 Download Links
  1. AndroidFileHost
  2. MediaFire
  3. Mega
  4. ZippyShare
  • Go to Settings > Wireless and Network > USB Utilities and select this option – Connect Storage to PC.
  • Now connect your device with the computer using a data cable.
  • Your device will now be added to your computer as a mass storage drive.
  • Just transfer the download APK file of Google Play Store version 4.8.20 onto your device’s SD card.
  • Disconnect your device from the computer once the transferring process is done successfully.
  • Go to Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources and enable the allowance of installation of non market apps.
  • Now, go to the folder or directory into which you have had transferred the APK file of this latest version of the Play Store app.
  • Tap on the file and then select – Install, to get it setup on your device straight away.
  • That’s it, this latest version of the Google Play application has now been installed on your Android device.

Transformers Battle Game APK v1.0.0 Full for Android

 Experience explosive and action-packed movie in TRANSFORMERS : battle game , the all-new 3D Ruff . Your mission is to take down DECEPTION enemies as you run, dash and change forms through rapid missions with your impressive cast of AUTOBOT heroes.
Recruit and customize your team of TRANSFORMERS characters in both their robot and Fahrzeugmoduszu level up their weapon power, tech and abilities. This is not your typical runner, TRANSFORMERS : combat game puts you in the middle of an exciting showdown , where it destroy or be destroyed!

• Experience the first fight Runner - Take DECEPTICON enemies as you run the gun in robot mode and or go and dash in vehicle mode.
• Gear up and roll out ! - Create a force by becoming expected your team from TRANSFORMERS characters to level up weapons , technology and skills.
• Jump into an action-packed world - Experience gripping action with fast-paced missions , destructive environments and epic 3D effects.

TRANSFORMERS (R ) and all associated characters are trademarks of Hasbro and with permission ( c ) 2014 Hasbro, Inc. used

Flipps HD (Former iMediaShare) apk app for android

 Nothing on TV?
Project movies, music videos and more on the TV using only Android device.
Flipps (formerly iMediaShare ) provides access to over 100 channels for your entertainment over the standard TV - program directly on the touch screen interface of the phone. Choose from recent movies , music videos , comedy, news , and sports highlights . Then tap your phone to instantly zap a show on the connected TV and features .
You can even TV's volume and playback directly from your mobile device . In addition, switch from watching on a TV to a mobile device without interrupting playback . Best of all, you do not need a dongle , cable or set- top box.
Turn your phone into a wand of entertainment!
ADVANTAGES OVER Flipps✦ unlimited videos in HD quality streaming epic .✦ Avoid banner ads.✦ receive priority support handling.
supported devices✦ Internet connected TVs from Samsung , Sony, Panasonic , LG and Philips✦ An Xbox , Xbox 360 , Apple TV, DISH Hopper, Chrome Cast
In the Media"You get to watch [content ] everywhere That's a deal digging every couch potato . . " - Yahoo Tech" Flipps will free us from the dreaded remote control " - Wakefield# 3 in the Inquirer "Top 10 Google Chrome Cast applications, you should install "
FEATURES☆ TV time or Tablet time - project the videos you love on a big screen TV or watch on your mobile device☆ Full-length Movies - see a huge selection of top box office movies, indie favorites and retro classic☆ remote reinvented - Control volume and playback with touch gestures on your Android device instead of the old TV remote control☆ Epic Quality - experience full 1080p HD if available☆ Custom Channels - quick access to your favorite channels or select from the recommended videos on what you have seen☆ Unlimited Streaming - no deadlines or limited pieces so that you can flow freely☆ Real time updates - watch live and on -demand content from your go-to sources☆ Trending Content - see which videos are popular right now☆ Fast discovery - Flipps cross-channel search quickly through all the 100 + channels☆ Shareworthy - very simple things that you like about Facebook and e- mail directly from Flipps
GENRESHollywood movies , hit music videos, children's shows and family films, web-based TV shows, news programs , educational programs , health and fitness videos , business news, sports highlights , automotive functions , viral videos , fashion, technology vlogs , and more.
Featured ContentChest film , Osiris Entertainment, Wibi Movies , Break , QVC, Sharecare , The Valley Girl Show , Washington Post, Wild TV, France 24 , German wave, Buzz60 , and more.
Keeping in / / flippstv
NOTEDue to the nature of the publishing rights restrictions , some videos may not be available in all regions.A high- speed Internet connection is to offer a better video streaming experience.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Download Tizen 2.3 Alpha SDK and Source Code Release

We are pleased to announce that Tizen Alpha 2.3 source code and SDK are now also support for the portable profile.

Highlights of this version include improvements:

      Performance improvement and easier webkit and webkit version update
      BT LTE connectivity functions for portable devices such as privacy and peripheral role

Please refer to the Release Notes for details and download files from the link below.

Download SDK Installation Manager (CDN)

Download SDK image (CDN)

The source code for this version is in the Git repositories Tizen (under the tizen_2.3 branch) and as for OBS project can refer to Tizen: 2.3: wearable project.

Tizen Technical Steering Group

Download Tizen 2.2 Beta SDK Release

We are pleased to announce that Tizen SDK 2.2 Beta is now available.
As a minor release Tizen 2.2 Beta includes some changes in UI and UX as H / W button support.

Please refer to the Release Notes and the API change notes for more information.

Download SDK Install Manager (CDN)

Download SDK image (CDN)

Check binaries and images (CDN)

How to flash to a device

We look forward to feedback and make additional enhancements to Tizen.

Tizen Technical Steering Group

Download Browser Chrome APK 35.0.1916.122 with full screen video & Undo Close Tab function for Android phones

Google Chrome APK 35.0.1916.122 Google Chrome APK Undo Tab Feature 
The Google Chrome team has 35 APK announced the release of Chrome stable version for Android users. You can download this update from this link. Early last month, it was the beta version for the same updated (35.0.1916.34) with better full-screen video support and the ability to undo closed tabs now that is updated with a stable version 35.0.1916.122 and is available for download.

As seen in the previous beta version brings this new update in the features how to make closed tabs undone and can show videos on fullscreen with HTML5 video support and also multi-window on your compatible Android devices. Since this version is not available as an upgrade, you must manually visit the Google Play Store and update the same.

ES File Explorer - Best File Manager for Android with Direct Root Folder Access

ES File explorer 
Most smartphones are equipped with a standard file manager to use the quite decent for this particular smartphone or tablet device, but there are many situations where you have more access to the files and play around want with the file system (only if you are quite an expert with him) , and this pre-installed file manager it is not possible to do so . The best part , we here already mentioned - file and application management , task killer , and cloud storage client that is compatible with multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and a few others.The ES File Explorer works for all smartphones with Android 2.1 and higher, but the app ES group has a different cupcake version of this file explorer for those who are running Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 versions of devices. The supported languages ​​by the app are a whole lot :German , English, Russian , Japanese, French , Spanish, German , Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch , Italian , Hebrew, Vietnamese , Slovak, Czech, Hungarian , Ukrainian , Tamil , Catalan , Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese (pt ), Portuguese (br) .Let me guide you through the various features of the app with screenshots to make it easier for a first user who does not see a system folder in your device , perhaps to understand.The user can select the root folder either as root or device the SD card , and it is a story that shows the recently browsed folder in the file system. The folders like system - system provider , spdata could be seen only root if the root access is available, ie , if the device rooted . Or else, you will always direct access to only the public folder to the SD card.
 ES File Explorer FoldersES File Explorer FoldersES File Explorer Drives
 It is a quick access menu that can be drawn in the left corner of the screen, and it has got an access to several things - favorite, pubs, library, network and tools, and everyone has got it back submenus. The tools included are:
  • App Manager
  • Download Manager
  • System manager
  • SD Card Analyst
  • Remote Manager
  • Net Manager
  • Clipboard   
 This would be more than enough for a user who always find it difficult to roam the settings and manage the various applications on your smartphone, and to check how the storage on the SD card. The network settings are the LAN, Cloud, FTP, and Bluetooth. show the FTP connection possibilities, as well the app is to do for the user to much more than just the management of files and folders in the phone. The library would again help the user through all files of a certain file type, that is to go into pictures, music, movies and books.
ES File Explorer Menu ES File Explorer Network Menu ES File Explorer Library
 Settings: It's a load of him. You do not have to go through each of it and play around if you are looking for just the normal file management. These would be divided into:

      Display settings, which brings in the settings to show or hide the hidden files, close the notification when a task is completed, show the scroll the blow, the Windows key and the name on the toolbar. There is an option to show / hide the SD card size and the low space warning.
      Cleanup settings would be a nice job of clearing the history of what you when you leave the app has to do, and the cache cleaning can also be done.

ES File Explorer Settings ES File Explorer Settings ES File Explorer Cache
 The other settings are the password settings and the different things you could do to manage the applications in the Android phone.

      Password Settings: You can protect it with a password so that you can enter the password to access the file explorer app. There is even the option network protection, so that the network resources are the protection, and also to protect the hide.
      App Manager: Before you uninstall an app, the user can select the backup application, and there is a separate directory for the app backups. If the device rooted, gives the ES File Explorer and extra option of uninstalling the apk automatically.

ES File Explorer Password Settings ES File Explorer App Manager
 There are a lot of other options from the Settings area, too, and that includes the default Windows setting where you open the home page, device sdcard, image, music, film, book, or download a folder to set directly. There are several options to view, and people can create new files and folders anywhere in the directory.
ES File Explorer Default Windows ES File Explorer Icon View ES File Explorer New File
 This ES File Explorer app is on the play-Store for free, and it arguably one of the best file manager and researcher for Android smartphones. This could very well compete against several other free or paid file explorer, and the default file manager are usually not everything when you talk about the performance.

Download ES File Explorer apk

Monday, June 2, 2014

Download-install and Manual Update Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 with Official Kitkat 4.4.2 XXUDNE4 Firmware

Galaxy Note N8000 OTA 
Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 10.1 Android tablet can now be officially updated with the latest version of Android OS 4.4.2 Kitkat. The best part is that the new Android OS 4.4.2 Kitkat uses less memory and is faster than any other operating system of Android. So let us know how you need the same hand without you to get to the root device. Since this is the official firmware update, this update does not wipe the device or void your warranty in any way. This firmware is dubbed as XXUDNE4. After checking out what is in front of the list of specified conditions Quick below, we are writing to detailed instructions to help you apply this update.
 How to Update Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 with Kitkat 4.4.2 Android OS ?

Download Android 4.4.2 0S Kitkat Package from here to your computer along with the Odin file. Once downloaded, extract Odin in your computer and turn off the N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 .

Enter your N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 in download mode . By holding the Volume Down key + Home key button ( the middle button) . Hold these two buttons , you must turn on your device.

If Galaxy Note 10.1 is in the normal mode , then you must use the command to retry the device into download mode .

Connect your tablet to your computer using the original USB cable. Assuming that Odin opened in your computer and ID: COM section is yellow / blue , click on "PDA" / tab "AP" in the Odin to the rooting file you after extracting the firmware package received , select click on "Start" in Odin.

Once you click "Start " , you will now need to look for the whole process of the firmware is ready to wait. The whole process of firmware update will take about 3 -4 minutes and once done , the phone will automatically restart .

Once the device updates , you can now see that the device will reboot and it will take about 3 -5 minutes for setting up the machine .
Go to the path " Settings> About tablet " where you can check the firmware version 4.4.2 as Kitkat Android OS version XXUDNE4 .
Note: If at all Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is in the boot loop sequence , then you must turn off the power , then at the update from the beginning. To turn the battery use or say you can long press the power button.
So there you go , you have now successfully using the latest version of Android OS 4.4.2 Kitkat updated your tablet . Please let us know if you make in the process of firmware update in the comments section just in case any questions.

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