Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Enable Smart Stay on samsung Galaxy S3

Smart Stay on Galaxy S3
 how to enable smart stay on samsung galaxy s3

1) Go to the apps drawer and then tap on the ‘Settings’ icon.
2) The scroll down to the ‘Device’ section and then select ‘Display’.
3) You will now notice the Smart Stay option under the General tab.
4) Just tap on the option to get it activated instantly. Make sure that the Smart Stay option is tick marked to ensure its activation.
5) That’s all, the Smart Stay feature has now been enabled on your Galaxy S3. Have fun  .
Remember that this unique feature of Galaxy S3 uses the front camera to detect your face so as to decide whether you are watching at your smart phone or not, and accordingly keeps or performs screen timeout on your phone. So, make sure that the front camera of your device is facing towards your face or your eyes. It will unable to act if you are staying in a dark room where the front camera is not able to see your face and detect the same. Keeping these things your mind, enjoy Smart Stay exclusive on your Galaxy S3.

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James Brook said...

samsung galaxy s3 smart stay is track your eyeballs to make sure the display stays lit when you're looking at it.
Smart stay may not work in these situations:

When front camera fails to detect face

When using device in the dark

When front camera is used for the applications

It is a bonus feature that works to keep the screen on

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