Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kroll (bada - wave game)

The scrolling-fighter that sets the bar for 3D graphics on WAVE, that blends modern 3D sceneries with ’80s style gameplay. Very easy to grab and play, a mindless hack’n'slash game with amazing visuals in a fantasy world. Recommended for fans of arcade games with casual controls and hectic gameplay that bring memories to the 80s games with very modern art. Bash’n'Crush your way through relentless levels destroying an ever increasing amount of enemies and play through awesome cinematic end of level boss battles (Quick Time events). -Crash endless arrays of mythic enemies. Free your daughter from KROLL, the worst enemy from Leterna. -Tap your screen in the most demanding way to enter a world with amazing 3D sceneries and camera moves that give you a great view of the action. -Progress through the beach, up the mountain and get yourself inside molten magma mines in the volcano, to finish on a floating prison for the final action. -Kroll has 3 difficulty levels (Normal, Hard and Insane) for more and more crushing action. A scoring system keeps track of your progress. -12 different levels including 3 Quick Time Event Boss Battles. TIPS: -Watch-out with the guardians with the long spears, they create a lot of damage, time well your attacks or you will be killed pretty fast. -After the scrolling gameplay levels you will fight the Boss. These are Quick Time Event fights: smash the icon before it vanishes and you will scape alive, if not, you will be smashed.

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