Friday, August 24, 2012

S3 TouchWiz Jelly Bean Addon for Galaxy Nexus

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 TouchWiz UX Launcher for Jelly Bean was ported by Froilson for other devices than S3. With this Addon you will get an Galaxy Nexus optimized launcher, including many other things known from Samsung Galaxy Phones.

This Addon will work with all Jelly Bean ROMs, even MIUI. It themes all YOUR system apps and doesn't replace them.

New in this Addon Update:

- TouchWizUX Jelly Bean Launcher
- TouchWizUX Weather Widget
- TouchWiz Yahoo Widgets
- TouchWiz themed dialer
- better TouchWiz themed System Settings
- notification badge (for gmail e.g)

There is much more known from previous versions.

I don't have plans to theme it completely like touchwiz, to be honest, there is pretty much TouchWiz Stuff that's extremely uggly like notification toggles for. I think that's the best mix of both, holo and touchwiz.

Important: Since Galaxy Nexus doesn't have a Menu-Button like Galaxy S3 you will have to enable it in your ROM-Settings for the Navigation Bar. In AOKP for example i have set it as longpress action for the third button.
That's the only way to access Launcher Settings, for example to sort your apps!!!

- reboot to recovery
- flash it

universal flasher tool creates a backup zip of your theme. so you can easily revert back if you don't like it, no matter which theme you used before. for reverting back simply flash the zip placed in Universal Flasher folder.

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