Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Sailor (bada - wave game)


[bada Champion] Grand Prize winner of bada Global Developer Challenge! 
★  ____WHAT'S NEW____ v4.4: 
new simulation of water waves, improved: rendering of waves, simulation of yachts and gulls, GUI and tutorial v4.2: handles bada 1.0.0 stability problems, launches slightly faster, AI opponents are smarter.  ____ABOUT____ 
Little Sailor is a sailing and motorboat simulator. Take Little Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race. Learn how to trim the sails to make the most use of wind energy. Discover when there is a risk of capsizing. Practice sailing downwind and upwind, tacking and gybing. Improve navigation skills, sail race strategy and tactics.  ____FEATURES____ 
- 3D graphics - realistic simulation of sailboat and motorboat - six AI opponents, from newbies to experienced sailors - generator of custom tracks - adjustable weather conditions (wind strength, direction and variation) - shoals and dangerous areas - textual and graphical race summary - comparative sailing skill estimate - multi-touch and accelerometer control of rudder and sail - miscellaneous speed units (knots, m/s, km/h, mph) and distance units (meters, feet, yards) - target hint to help beginners - apparent wind and telltale indicators.

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