Friday, July 6, 2012

OTA update I9300XXLFB for galaxy s3,brings improved stability and some minor features

Although we haven’t heard many complaints about the Galaxy S3’s software, or any kind of bugs or glitches, Sammy seems to be pulling all stops to ensure that the users of the super phone are happy with its performance and stability.
Less than a month after rolling out the first couple of OTA updates and just a week after issuing a software upgrade specifically for Sprint’s version of the S3, Samsung is pushing out a new update with the usually ambiguous changelog. The fresh software package, reported to weigh in at around 72 MB, is said to “improve stability”, just like the first updates from June.
However, this particular software package does come with a couple of minor, but noticeable functional changes. There’s a new toggle in the notification drawer allowing you to adjust the brightness easier, as well as better options for audio, more toggles in the power menu, and a fix for AccuWeather.

So far, the OTA update has been only rolled out to the international version of the S3 (a.k.a. the one powered by the quad-core Exynos proc), but adopters of the dual-core S4-powered model in the US and Canada should themselves get the upgrade soon enough.
If you haven’t been prompted to install the new software package just yet, you might want to go ahead to your settings menu and manually check for updates. The firmware’s build number should be I9300XXLFB, according to reports, but that will, of course, vary from one specific version of the S3 to another.
I’m sure that some of you hoped that the next OTA upgrade pushed to the Galaxy S3 would change that 0 after Android 4 to a magic 1. But it’s still nice to see Samsung so interested in making its customers happy, although that doesn’t yet entail rolling out Jelly Bean.
 If you have not received this ICS update via OTA yet now in your region, but still want to flash or install it up on your Galaxy S3, then here is link for you.

3 yorum:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have updated my phone to the version u have specified and I have found some bugs which were not there earlier.

1. When I keep brightness to around 75% and when i look with white background or any app which has plain white background, I see some black lines moving on the screen like a flicker.

2. The phone has become a little sloppy and there is a lag when I move the icons on the apps menu and also i could find that lag in all the apps, especially in browser.

I don't understand if they give update to rectify the bugs or if it is to add more bugs so that the developers can keep themselves busy again.

Plz let me know how to rollback to the previous version of the firmware.

Anonymous said...

More bugs when I updated to this new version.
Sometimes there is an error when I answer calls so they end up being missed calls and cant even see who made the call.

Aleksandar Zivkovic said...

After OTA update to LFB my phone is everything then phone now. Got a lot of "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" and cannot talk with most of my conntacts from phone :-(

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