Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unofficial Cyanogenmod 10 for samsung Galaxy S3

[Unofficial] Cyanogenmod 10 Galaxy S3

Netchip ported CyanogenMod 10 for i9300

While all excited for days on how to update the cocky announced Jelly Bean port waiting for the developer has NetChip brought almost secretly, quietly CyanogenMod 10 on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The previously available Jelly Bean port is unfortunately one and all unusable, there is absolutely limited in its functionality. With CyanogenMod 10, the Jelly Bean version of the popular customROM, as a base this is changing now.
But first: we experience the euphoria-brake! It is in this ROM is not an official version, which does not last for the limited functionality. So rather: runterschrauben expectations and take the whole thing will take good note and see what happened before!
Perhaps such Kang versions inspire even one or two developers in addition to lay flat out. Nevertheless, we are thrilled with the progress of the last time, and our experiences and impressions of course share with you.

First impression CyanogenMod 10 on the SGS3

Unfortunately, it comes with many users already problems with the installation, which is acknowledged prematurely with an error message: ". (Status 7) Installation aborted" We have so far not too much further with the installation of CyanogenMod 10th We could remedy this by editing the updater script - it must be deleted, only the first line with a usable text editor. Then save and grab the ROM again.
After this it can flash the ROM (we have both directly flashed on CM9 and an FullWipe performed) and CM10 could start. Already recognize the boot animation makes that even more massive need to be finalized, neither is the resolution of your display customized (such as running a small window) has not yet created a CM10 boot animation. After that we fought our way through the setting menu to get a first impression. We have noticed that we left in this state at a first impression, because a lot of joy in this unofficial CyanogenMod 10 version yet.
After all, we could not allow ourselves to take to make a few pictures of CyanogenMod 10 for Samsung Galaxy S3: so roughly it will be so, but hopefully mostly functional!

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