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Samy Deluxe S4 ROM Galaxy S5 Edition J “Jello Biafra”

Samy Deluxe S4 ROM 3 
 The Samy Deluxe S4 S5 Galaxy ROM Edition you can have the Galaxy S5 look on the S4. The ROM based on Android 4.4.2 (XXUFNB9), so it is very current and intended for everyday wear. Gradually more Galaxy S5 elements are incorporated hopefully. If you like, is this ROM a mix of the best elements currently available current (and future) Samsung smartphones is: Samsung Galaxy S4 as a base, seasoned with Galaxy Note 3 extras and some elements of the Galaxy S5.


Android 4.4.2 base (XXUFNC5)
     De-Odexed, root, busybox
     sqlite3 script
     extended reboot menu
     Knox removed
     gravel Support
     Galaxy S5 Wallpapers
     Galaxy S5 icons Notifications / (notifications)
     Galaxy S5 system UI
     Galaxy S5 Settings / Settings menu
     Galaxy S5 Icons
     Galaxy S5 UI
     Galaxy S5 Apps
     S5 Launcher
     Note 3 apps: SP's, SNote3, ShHealth, Magazines Home, among others Pinboard (Android 4.4.2 compatible)
     S-View Cover Support
     Xposed Installer
     Media read / write for external SD card

Notes & Known Issues
If you want to use the integrated TouchWiz Launcher, you should definitely select the Xposed Framework and fix with the help of "App Settings" from the launcher in RAM. A small flaw, the ROM yet because you now have two controls Apps and hot. Try out which of the two leads to the new Galaxy S 5 TouchWiz UI, then puts that as the default.

     Remove> please (X) or add (depending on version), otherwise error message - "Do not Allow Old update-binary": In PhilZ Touch Recovery
     Only tested with FullWipe, dirty flash but should work!
     also works with Samsung Galaxy S SGH-M919 4 (T-Mobile) without Knox bootloader
     Change between 4.3 and 4.4 ROMs / bootloader possible, no guarantee of how it is with original firmware!
     Tested modem and bootloader combination: NB9_LTE_modem & XXUFNB9_Bootloader


Logo 55x58 Samy Deluxe S4 ROM Galaxy S5 Edition J Jello Biafra

Samy Deluxe S4 Jello Biafra

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