Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How To Factory Data Reset & Wipe All Data for Galaxy S5

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The Galaxy S 5 is the flagship device from Samsung that creating all the buzz in the market , in spite of coming up with the same look and design as its predecessor. However, the plastic back was structured back to the hole that gives a better grip on the device replaced . Many of you will be the owner of the Galaxy S5 and want your device to wipe or increase the speed of the handset reset all data. If you are one of them , here is an easy way how you can do it .
Before the start of the reset process , make sure that your device is fully charged or connected to a charger , since when the device shuts down while the process is going on, it could permanently damage your handset. Unlock your Galaxy S5 and go to the settings of the device or simply wipe only down and tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen .

According to the settings, refer to the user and backup or just looking for the same by . On the magnifying glass Now tap the Backup and icon where you options such as Back of my data are found , Backup account and automatic restore the factory state back at the bottom, which are selected has reset. You will always have a screen where he mentions all the data that is to be deleted , and go tap the Reset Device button .
Now wait a few minutes to get the unit to reset the factory settings. The data on the microSD memory card will not be wiped , so there is no need to pull it before the reset of the Galaxy S5. This is very important when you are giving away your smartphone , because all passwords and important information could in your handset , personal or sensitive will be stored. They comment , if you have successfully reset done on your Galaxy S5.

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