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The best Android mobile Phone Speed ​​Booster App with Device cleaning and optimization (android app)

Who does not want their smartphones not fast enough to apps have to be processed and no lag? Buying a high-end smartphone with the latest high-end processor and the other quality internal hardware is not comfortable enough, the performance of your phone, because you may be filling a lot of stuff in the background and slows down the device so that the Phone unable to multitasking and heavy apps at ease. To improve performance, you need some management applications that take care of most of the processes and apps you use your phone work smoother.

A really good app in this category that helps to increase the speed of Android smartphones, is DU Speed ​​Booster, which has a wide range of functions. It is to kill not only inactive applications or processes, but in fact does much to improve the performance of your phone. Let's dig into the details to see what is offered by the app.
DU Speed Booster App Optimize
Scoring and optimization: There is a direct way to check the score of the entire smartphone. Once the app judges all things, a score of 100 is given, and you can then choose to optimize with a single tap when the app says that optimization is required. This is a total performance computer, so you do not have to manually check for problems in each area.

The various functions that you can use in DU Speed ​​Booster are:

Accelerator – To help your phone maintain top speed

DU Speed Booster App Accelerator
The accelerator shows you the running processes and the applications that start automatically. For rooted phones, you can freeze the app manager and free memory in the device. The process manager shows how much memory is available and how many processes, must be vacated by free more memory. The number of slowing questions are displayed, and the "Accelerate" button can be used in a single tap speed up your device.

Trash Cleaner – To clean the cache and residual files

DU Speed Booster App Trash Cleaner
The garbage cleaner section shows you what percentage of garbage files, apps, residual system files, compressed files and more are in the internal memory of the phone presence and in the SD card. The Cache Cleaner cleans in the trash of apps left and you can choose to either remove the cache for individual apps or all apps at once.
DU Speed Booster App Residual Cleaner
In the residue cleaner, you can see the residual waste system files and the app garbage files. Strike one of them gives you the option to either clean or see more details.

App Manager – uninstall and manage apk files

DU Speed Booster App Manager
Just like most other Application Manager, DU SpeedBooster Manager section comes with a list of installed applications in your phone, and you can choose to uninstall / individually or manage multiple applications at once the apps. There is also a separate section for system pre-installed apps (bloatware) that are not shown directly in many App Manager, and here you can choose to delete pre-installed apps. This is a great feature because you usually need to root your phone is able to do so.

There is also an option for moving apps to the SD card, where you will be transferred from the internal memory to the SD card information about which apps can given. You can download apps on SD right off when there is less space available internally.

Game Booster – Speed up your Android games

DU Speed Booster App Game Booster
This is one of the best original features in DU Speed ​​Booster, which can make your games run faster. The app automatically detects and lists games that can be accelerated, or you can manually select games one-by-one. The app then allocates the system resources in such a way that the matches will be detected and improved, thus benefiting your images-per-second graphics output.

Security – Permissions, Call & SMS Blacklist

DU Speed Booster App Security
The DU-security function has a number of functions. Not only does it keep your phone safe from viruses, but it also contains very useful options such as contact Blocking (calls and SMS), the ability to check the permissions for each app, and the ability to disable all apps when they pose no threat the security of the phone.

The Permission Manager shows you which apps have certain permissions; ie, the apps, the calls that can read the messages that can use location services, etc. You can use any app that you will be able to drop feel with permissions that should not have it.

Call & SMS Blocker allows add contact to the blacklist and then you can see what calls and SMS'es be blocked by the app if you want to check.

Battery Saver

This function negates again the need to use a special app for saving battery life on your smartphone. The app shows how much the usage time may be extended if the user allows the battery saver mode. There are no special features apart from the enable / disable options, but it does what it is intended - to improve the usage time.

The settings section and the spaceship

DU Speed Booster App Settings
The setting range does not have many options because whatever you wanted was already there in the big list of services in the app. But of setings you can widgets on the home screen or plce a Quick Switch widget with a floating window that is displayed on each screen or just on the home page can make. The floating window offers not only the possibility to easily reach the speed of the system, but also includes links to connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Data Network, ring tones, brightness, etc.
DU Speed Booster App Spaceship
There is also a nice way to ship that dissolves in the announcement at a particular location on the screen to clean up DU Speed ​​Booster, the processes and make the device faster than it currently is. The spaceship starts, and it shows you how many processes have been killed and how much RAM is free, but you can not delete the rest and garbage files with this option.

Overall, DU Speed ​​Booster to make a pretty brilliant way your phone free from anything that you do not want, but had no easy way to clean, and it also lets you easily free RAM by killing the current processes, are running in the background.
The app is available for Free on the Google Play Store:
 Google Play

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