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ES File Explorer - Best File Manager for Android with Direct Root Folder Access

ES File explorer 
Most smartphones are equipped with a standard file manager to use the quite decent for this particular smartphone or tablet device, but there are many situations where you have more access to the files and play around want with the file system (only if you are quite an expert with him) , and this pre-installed file manager it is not possible to do so . The best part , we here already mentioned - file and application management , task killer , and cloud storage client that is compatible with multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and a few others.The ES File Explorer works for all smartphones with Android 2.1 and higher, but the app ES group has a different cupcake version of this file explorer for those who are running Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 versions of devices. The supported languages ​​by the app are a whole lot :German , English, Russian , Japanese, French , Spanish, German , Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch , Italian , Hebrew, Vietnamese , Slovak, Czech, Hungarian , Ukrainian , Tamil , Catalan , Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese (pt ), Portuguese (br) .Let me guide you through the various features of the app with screenshots to make it easier for a first user who does not see a system folder in your device , perhaps to understand.The user can select the root folder either as root or device the SD card , and it is a story that shows the recently browsed folder in the file system. The folders like system - system provider , spdata could be seen only root if the root access is available, ie , if the device rooted . Or else, you will always direct access to only the public folder to the SD card.
 ES File Explorer FoldersES File Explorer FoldersES File Explorer Drives
 It is a quick access menu that can be drawn in the left corner of the screen, and it has got an access to several things - favorite, pubs, library, network and tools, and everyone has got it back submenus. The tools included are:
  • App Manager
  • Download Manager
  • System manager
  • SD Card Analyst
  • Remote Manager
  • Net Manager
  • Clipboard   
 This would be more than enough for a user who always find it difficult to roam the settings and manage the various applications on your smartphone, and to check how the storage on the SD card. The network settings are the LAN, Cloud, FTP, and Bluetooth. show the FTP connection possibilities, as well the app is to do for the user to much more than just the management of files and folders in the phone. The library would again help the user through all files of a certain file type, that is to go into pictures, music, movies and books.
ES File Explorer Menu ES File Explorer Network Menu ES File Explorer Library
 Settings: It's a load of him. You do not have to go through each of it and play around if you are looking for just the normal file management. These would be divided into:

      Display settings, which brings in the settings to show or hide the hidden files, close the notification when a task is completed, show the scroll the blow, the Windows key and the name on the toolbar. There is an option to show / hide the SD card size and the low space warning.
      Cleanup settings would be a nice job of clearing the history of what you when you leave the app has to do, and the cache cleaning can also be done.

ES File Explorer Settings ES File Explorer Settings ES File Explorer Cache
 The other settings are the password settings and the different things you could do to manage the applications in the Android phone.

      Password Settings: You can protect it with a password so that you can enter the password to access the file explorer app. There is even the option network protection, so that the network resources are the protection, and also to protect the hide.
      App Manager: Before you uninstall an app, the user can select the backup application, and there is a separate directory for the app backups. If the device rooted, gives the ES File Explorer and extra option of uninstalling the apk automatically.

ES File Explorer Password Settings ES File Explorer App Manager
 There are a lot of other options from the Settings area, too, and that includes the default Windows setting where you open the home page, device sdcard, image, music, film, book, or download a folder to set directly. There are several options to view, and people can create new files and folders anywhere in the directory.
ES File Explorer Default Windows ES File Explorer Icon View ES File Explorer New File
 This ES File Explorer app is on the play-Store for free, and it arguably one of the best file manager and researcher for Android smartphones. This could very well compete against several other free or paid file explorer, and the default file manager are usually not everything when you talk about the performance.

Download ES File Explorer apk

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