Friday, June 8, 2012

Download the latest S Pen SDK 2.1 for the Samsung GALAXY Note now!

The S Pen SDK 2.1 is now available!

What is the S Pen ?

    The S Pen is an input device for the Samsung Galaxy Note. It enables quicker and more precise input than a finger or stylus.
    It can be used more like an actual pen because it recognizes advanced pressure sensitivity.
    There is also a button on the S Pen that can be used to provide additional input. The S Pen does not require a battery.

What is the S Pen SDK ?

    The S Pen SDK allows you to add various features of S Pen to an application.

    These features include :

  •   • Different S Pen operation modes such as pen, eraser, and different brush types.  
  •   • S Pen position.  
  •   • Side button on/off status and handling.  
  •   • In Android ICS, hover events.  

    The S Pen SDK provides an environment for drawing and writing, and animation.

    The following tools are included :

  •   • Text Edit Field  
  •   • Adding an image object.  
  •   • Image processing and signature recognition.  

    These tools make it easier for developers to create specialized applications for the Galaxy Note.

New or Changed in the S Pen SDK 2.1 Release

  •   New package :
       For both Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) versions of Android :
       • Can now distinguish between a touch with a finger or the S Pen
       • Side button status for compatibility    
       For ICS only :
       • New Hover Event for the S Pen
  •   New package :
       • New image filter class, API, and a sample application for easy image processing
       • Pencil Sketch, Pastel Sketch, Mosaic images and various other image processing filters   
  •   New for structural improvement of the SDK :
       • New and common listeners are grouped in the package
  •   New TextSettingInfo class :
       • Properties such as font, text size, text color, and alignment can be configured in each class and method,
         and can be applied to a CanvasView or SCanvasView.
  •   New features and improvements for the SCanvasView class :
       • Signature recognition, a color picker, and rotation for image objects
       • Improved load and save speeds
  •   Unnecessary and duplicated APIs have been deprecated, and the names of some APIs have been changed.
       • The deprecated methods are available in the current version (2.1), but will be removed in the future.
  •   Sample source code with new features has been added.
       • Samples for Signature recognition, Using Image filters, S Pen Event Checking, Color Picker and more.
  Some errors and bugs in the 2.0.1 version have been corrected in this release.
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How to install it in Galaxy Note?

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