Monday, June 11, 2012

Galaxy S3 add-on for the Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy S3 add-on for the Galaxy Nexus 
The update policy of many smart phone manufacturers in the criticism of the Android operating system is often referred to as the very first. "Flash-o-holics" have long since found other ways to update their drug use and get hold mostly custom ROMs. But even this sometimes is not fast enough to provide a new update, so that many users often end up in ROM, called the "nightly builds", offering daily updates. Especially it is a lot of choice in this regard, the Cyanogenmod Nighties but should satisfy most of us Suchtis. The downside is that you have to do without extras like our "TWICS" Rome.
Who does not want anything more to retrofit into everlasting process itself, can now take advantage of our Galaxy S3 addon pack. The installation of the addon for the Google phone will take less than ten minutes and is actually quite simple. After her latest CM9-nightly, as well as your Google Apps (Gapps) installed, and optionally, a kernel of your choice you have flashed, and your Galaxy Nexus is powered up, it goes as follows:
Installation: Boots into the CLockWorkModRecovery menu and installed the selected add-ZIP. The installation process takes a few minutes.
Features: Update1: small bugfix in trebuchet.
Update 2: TouchWizUX added!
Update 3: S Voice added. Does not interfere with the function of other apps too!
Update 4: TW5 wallpaper scrolling fixed. Gray levels in the settings menu improves. Samsung touch keys. Apprawer background darkens slightly.
update 5: TouchwizUX massively improved:
- Page Indicator on Home Screen easier to use
- Page Indicator in the App menu
- Fixed a problem with the widget size
- Landscape mode removed
- Improved layout of the Home Screen
- Launcher now supports the new weather widget
- TouchWiz Calculator
- SGS2 weather widget (AccuWeather)
- SGS3 weather widget (crash to the touch, yet usable)
- Samsung Task Manager
- Samsung digital clock widget
- Flipboard
- Solid Explorer (File Manager in the holo-class style as a replacement for Samsung's file manager)
- File Explorer remove
- Apollo Update
- LockScreen CM9 Settings icon
 update 6:- Sony Walkman music player as a replacement for Samsung
- Samsung S3 Google Search Widget
- Samsung S3 News Widget
- Samsung S3 digital clock widget
- Samsung S3 Weather Widget fixed
- Small bug fixes
- Update including Samsung S Voice Text To Speach
- Root Explorer unlocked

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