Friday, June 8, 2012

Diamond Tumble (java game)

Your objective is to find the city of "El Dorado". To find it, you must first arrive at the "Gods' Cities". All the entrances of the cities are set "temples", which have their own attributes. New cities can be unlocked after you conquer the previous ones. The unlock system is the mini-games throughout the "Story Mode". There are 10 different ancient cities for you to explore; "Camp City", "Fire City", "Ice City", "Nature City", "Rock City", "Thunder City", "Twister City", "Death City", "Mountain City" and "Golden City". In each city, you must finish all 10 levels, including an additional 11th level in "Mountain City". Therefore, in "Story Mode", you play 9 mini-games plus 91 challenges. Also, you can unlock new puzzles in "Puzzle Mode". Puzzles are divided into different zones, too. In a specific zone, you will see the typical blocks, as well as special blocks such as "Time" and "Big Diamond". Each city has its own unique block. "Nature Blocks" can grow bigger; "Ice Blocks" are very fragile; "Thunder Blocks" can lead to chain reactions; "Death Blocks" are invisible. As the fascia of Digital Chocolate games, getting all the trophies, or in this particular game.. "Relics", is a big motive for me to finish the entire game.

The game is the opposite of "Wonder Blocks" by Gameloft. Your aim is not to build blocks, but to tumble blocks to get the diamond. You must have a good sense of the physical structure, because once one block at the bottom is smashed, the upper blocks will fall down naturally.

The background of the game is set in a jungle theme. In different cities, you can see different backgrounds: in daytime, in the evening or at night. The graphics are very exquisite, which gives the player a wonderful impression. Sound effects also match the game, perfectly. After "Diamond Islands", Microjocs really brings us an excellent game!

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