Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to install themes and widgets downloaded from our site on bada 1.0-1.2 and 2.0 ?

Installing Themes And Widgets

Bada (1.0-1.2) Themes and Widgets

1.Download the widget/theme from our site.
2.After downloading see that the file you have downloaded has extension .rar or .wgt or .smt.(.wgt are widgets and .smt are themes).
3.If it has .rar extension then install winrar and right click on the file and click extract.
4.If it has .smt or .wgt extension then no need to do the third step (If you will open the .smt or .wgt files in winrar too many files will appear and you will get confused).
5.Now connect the phone in mass storage and copy the .wgt or .smt file that you have downloaded to your memory card.
6.Now disconnect the phone from the computer.
7.Now open the widget or theme you copied to your memory card .
8.If it will be a theme select the option to set it and that theme will be applied.
9.If it will be a widget select the option to install it.
10.Now go to the main screen and select the option widget.
11.Now you can see the widget your recently installed widget and use it by dragging to to the screen.

Bada 2.0 (Installing Themes)
Method of Installation
1. Download STune 1.0.6 . DOWNLOAD
2. Connect phone to PC in Samsung Kies mode
3. Open STune then click on Auto Connect
4. Go to the tab Browser – AppEx – User – Theme – Download and then drag the window to the right side
5. Disconnect your phone.
6. Apply the theme by going into: Settings – Display – Theme and then select the downloaded theme.
*NOTE: The process of installing widgets is same as in Bada (1.0-1.2).

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