Monday, April 30, 2012

cRime Files 2 (java game)

Mobile game Crime Files 2 The Templar Knight - screenshots. Gameplay Crime Files 2 The Templar Knight
Young detectives start an investigation of the new mysterious case! Discover the secrets of the sword of the Templar Knights,that was stolen from a museum display in strange circumstances. You have to visit many different places-from the streets of Paris to the mysterious catacombs of the Templar Knights. Look for clues and evidence, explore the city, interrogate people and expand the Templar puzzle! Someone hides the truth and you need to know who he is! 
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Diner dash flo on the go (java game)

Flo tries to trade in her apron for a passport to paradise, but finds her skills are needed as she travels the world and takes charge of troubled restaurants. Seat customers, take orders, and customize Flo with an all-new closet full of accessories!

Travel The World in an all-new Diner Dash On-The-Go Adventure!

Flo is ready for a vacation! As she tries to trade in her apron for a passport to paradise, Flo finds her skills are needed once again to save the day! Join Flo as she travels the world via ship, train, submarine, blimp, and space ship to take charge of troubled restaurants along the way. Seat customers, take orders, collect tips and customize Flo's style in her all-new closet! Treat yourself to a third helping of Diner Dash, the #1 casual game that's fast, addictive, and fun!

Pack your bags and get really for Flo's fantastic adventure!

Game Features:

New fashion customization: change Flo's style with an all-new closet full of fun accessories

5 new and unique vacation locations including a cruise ship, luxury train, and space ship

2 new types of customers to serve: Lover Birds and Tourists

2 fun game modes: Story and Endless Shift

New restaurant decor upgrades, staff power-ups and clothing unlockables

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easier Method of Installing Bada 2.0 (without using STunes)

Some people use STune to install their themes on Bada 2.0 then doing some series of steps. But you can do it in an easier way.

1. Connect your phone in MASS STORAGE mode.
2. Copy the .smt file to PHONE>Others
3. Disconnect your phone.

Thats it! Now apply your theme by going to Settings>Display>Theme.

I hope this one helps.

Samsung Wave II S8530 Tv Out connect Tutorial

Samsung Wave II S8530 Tv Out connect Tutorial

Hey, this is a short tutorial that will teach you how to edit the Nokia CA-75U audio/video cable to work with Samsung S8530 Wave II. Wave II has reversed output compared to S8500 and the 3.5mm jack standart so you will have to edit the cable in order for it to work. !!! I do not take any responsibility if you mess your cable up, can`t get the way i show in the turial work for you etc. This works 100% on my Wave II.!!!
If you have any questins just leave a comment. I`ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

Friday, April 27, 2012

iPhone 4S Screen Theme for android

iPhone 4S is now on your Android Phone with iPhone 4S Screen !!This app just make your smartphone look and feel like the iPhone 4S. Many icons are available and more to come!!!
You can also load different Themes and not only use the classic iPhone 4S Theme.
More Themes to come in the next updates!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cantello Pro Theme for bada

Breathtaking theme for the Samsung Wave.
Cantello theme with brand new highly detailed colourful icons, designed  specifically for Samsung Wave, as well as excellent blue menu user interface is going to make the mobile more stylish as well as sophisticated than any other theme. So don’t wait! Change the appearance of your Wave today alongside Cantello theme and additionally enjoy.
Theme is suitable alongside bada 2.0 (WVGA resolution – 480×800) as well as any language.
For more stunning themes for your own Wave, just visit the seller’s name above.

FLOCK – Free Unlocking S8500/S8530

Hello Wavers,
Today i am posting a method for unlocking your Wave 1/Wave 2 which was developed by Rebellos & Mijoma from Xda-Developers.
Maybe many people would be knowing it or would have read it on xda, So it is nothing new that which i am posting here. I am posting this just for the info. This unlock was found in late Jan 2012.
So lets see how it works…
NOTE : All the files that you guys flash & the codes you enter in your phone is a little risky. If anything goes wrong or if you damage your phone its totally your responsibility. So please do not blame me or the developers for this & please act mature.
According to the developers mostly all Bada 1.2 & 2.0 bootloaders [Not the Beta firmware bootloaders] are supported for this unlock method.
Guys using this method will need the basic flashing knowledge for wave 1 or 2 as both are the same.

How to check what lock do you have? 
Enter *#7465625# code, you will see list of active and inactive locks.
What do you need?
Wave 1 or 2 phone with bada 1.2 or 2.0
For Wave I with bada 1.2 – FLOCK_S8500_b1.2
For Wave I with bada 2.0 – FLOCK_S8500_b2x
For Wave II with bada 1.2 – FLOCK_S8530_b1.2
For Wave II with bada 2.0 – FLOCK_S8530_b2x
Steps To Obtain Code
  • Flash the Fota file given below in the downloading section as per your phone model and the OS[Bada 1.2 or 2.0] you use.
  • Turn off the phone. Wait few seconds, and then turn the phone on holding CALL (so you have to press CALL and ENDCALL keys simultaneously) key until white screen with red texts shows up. Then release both the keys.
  • Be patient, FOTA module is calculating 3 codes (Subset lock, Netlock, Unfreeze) for your phone, it can take up to 10 minutes. After you get the code you are interested in you can turn off the phone.
Steps After Obtaining The Codes
[Netlock], 2 ways:
1. enter unsupported SIM card, start phone and after being asked about “Network Lock” enter Unlock Code you had written down.
2. enter #7465625*638*Unlock code# <thanks to homelessghost for tip>

1. enter any SIM card, start phone and after being asked about “Freeze” make call and enter code you had written down.

Can anyone provide guide?

That’s it enjoy your unlocked Wave 1/2 :)
Instead of white screen with red texts, usual booting logo appears and then Bada starts, what am I doing wrong?
Make sure you flashed right FLOCK without errors. If you did so, first – flash APPS from the same bada version, but from ROM that does contain .fota (certain APPS versions can have locked FOTA module), second – if it doesn’t work - update your bootloader to some newer/another one and write post here containing information what version of bootloader (bootloader, not bada) you had before that was not working.
Important: Be very careful when writing down and entering unlock code.
If you got any other questions – please ask in this THREAD.
It is possible that some phones are not unlockable this method. Then the code wouldn’t show up.
General method concept (if you are really interested in sources or way how it works – please PM me or mijoma) should work for most of “Samsung 3G” phones – like JET, Wave3, Monte. If you are owner of locked phone of this class and you are able to do dumps of memory – please contact Rebellos.

ICS on Samsung Wave S8500 Update

ICS on samsung wave s8500
Guys good news for all of you..:D
ICS has been ported successfully on samsung wave s8500
The developer probably got enough  money through donations so he got a new computer and has again started working on the ICS ( Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich ) port to wave.
The port is successful but not complete.
Some Things working now
  • Touch Screen
  • Multitouch
You can see the progress from the videos below:
Video 1
Video 2
We Will Keep You Updated for the porting of ICS on Wave.

New Working method of app spoofing on bada 2.0 been discovered

You guys might be aware of this method of spoofing in bada 2.0 .This is the long method and there is a short method too and it will be posted soon the site within a day or two.

How to:
1) The first thing you need is to download the archive from here
2) Extract all that stuff from the archive.
3) Go to the folder BadaAppsSignature, you will see a certificate called BadaCertificate.cer
Transfer this cert file on your phones memory card.
4) On the phone open My Files and browse to the certificate we you just transferred in previous step and click on it to install this certificate. Click yes on the prompt.

Now time to install real game or apps:
5) Take any unmodified game/app, extract it somewhere say for example on desktop.
6) Now run BadaAppsSignature.
7) Click on the button highlighted in red.

8) Now give path of exe file by browsing to the .exe file of the app/game you are installing (.exe file found in the bin folder of the game/app)

9) Click to open, the window closes. See BadaAppsSignature and press the red button:

10) Go to the folder with the game/app, after successful completing the previous step you will find two files in the main folder of the app/game:

11) Simplilly delete the Signature.xml
12) Now rename the Signature(2).xml to Signature.xml.
13) Go to the folder Info, you will find a file Appinfo.sys, open it with notepad.
14) In the notebook you will see something like this:

15) Copy the AppId just like highlighted in the red color in above image.
16) Rename the main folder of the game/app.
17) Connect phone to PC in Mass Storage mode.
18) Copy the folder you just renamed and paste it on the following path:
Memory Card => Others => __@@ bada_applications @@__
19) On your phone, change the installation location from the phone to Memory card. (Every time to have to do this coz as you connect your phone in mass storage mode installation location changes automatically to phone memory)
20) After pasting the app/game folder to the above mentioned path disconnect your phone.
21) Again reconnect your phone normally to PC i.e. Kies mode
22) As BadaAppsSignature is running, Go to the second tab of the program, enter the AppId you copied in 15th step in the box below, click on the dropdown and select the item and click the button (highlighted in red in below image)

And finally you have successfully installed the game/app.
Happy Spoofing guys…. ?

Only One App/Game can be spoofed by this method when you try to spoof the second one, 1st one will not work anymore…

KakaoTalk Messenger: Now Available For Bada

Having introduced just to users in Korea, today KakaoTalk for bada smartphone circulated to international users within the Samsung Apps. Bada smartphone users everywhere can today use this application to chat free of charge alongside buddies and additionally family anyplace, anytime.
KakaoTalk messenger is a cross-platform application available to smartphone consumers. KakaoTalk allows users to send messages without having pay because he utilizes the internet to send a content. KakaoTalk also features file sharing, group talk, and also features – different features.
“Samsung is the very first to program interest in this application,” mentioned party of Cocoa. “Aided by the release of this application, you think it could well be a great advantage for us to grow inside the European marketplace, where a big wide variety of individuals applying the handset bada.”
KakaoTalk was actually initial introduced on March 18, 2010 by Cocoa Inc. Cocoa Inc by itself had been founded by Kim Beom-soo, previous founder of NHN Corporation. Cocoa Inc based in Seoul, South Korea by Lee Jae-bum because CEO for today. Upon July 28, 2011, simply sixteen months soon after its launch, KakaoTalk has had a total of 20 million consumers, with an estimated 16 million to 17 million individuals use these applications every day. 6 months later, in January 2012, KakaoTalk has a total of 30 million consumers, alongside one billion communications sent daily.
Exactly how to use KakaoTalk
To have the ability to use KakaoTalk,
You have to install the application KakaoTalk following manner:
1.Install the application from Samsung Apps .
2.Install the application upon your smartphone Wave.
3.You will be asked to register your own cellphone quantity applying international format, ie with no applying the quantity 0.
4.This is certainly due to the fact KakaoTalk use your own phone number to register you within its database.
5.KakaoTalk definitely will consequently send a confirmation code by SMS to the cell phone, and additionally you may be required to fill in the confirmation code to the next move. When you confirm, you require KakaoTalk.
6.KakaoTalk will automatically record the phonebook, and also those who happen to be already applying this application will automatically be your contact in KakaoTalk. To see them, you simply should press the tab “Friends”, and also those who happen to be already using KakaoTalk definitely will appear, aided by the status and avatar next to their names.
7.To begin a chat, you simply should visit your friend’s name in the Pals tab.You are able to change your profile, such as showing a profile visualize, change the show name and status message, making your KakaoTalk ID by pressing the Settings tab, then hit the tab My Profile.
8.You will find the pals by entering a phone number or ID KakaoTalk your close friends in the tab “Name / Mobile No. Search “in the tab” Friends “, or perhaps by pressing the tab” Friends? “Tab and additionally click the” Add “upon among the And Close friends that you would like.You are able to additionally invite your close friends to use KakaoTalk application by using the “Tell A Friend.”
KakaoTalk has various attributes similar to the chaton, messaging solutions from Samsung, and additionally its scatter to all significant mobile platforms like Apple’s IOS, the BlackBerry from RIM, as well as Google Android. KakaoTalk like chaton has the ability to acquire instant messages and additionally photos, and also movie along with other multimedia information can be easily sent and additionally was given.

The use of a phone number or ID and notification

KakaoTalk using the mobile wide variety and ID which can be poised during the beginning associated with the use to connect. By applying the push feature, KakaoTalk will always tell you the message you merely received. KakaoTalk using the mobile wide variety in the phone to add a friend on KakaoTalk contact you. In reality, you merely have to add your own friend’s mobile wide variety within the phonebook bada the smartphone and your own close friends will automatically appear upon the list in the application temanAanda KakaoTalk, because KakaoTalk definitely will synchronize alongside the phonebook. In addition, you do definitely not have to understand the friend’s mobile wide variety. If you understand the friend ID, you can easily look it up immediately after which add them because your own pals, or perhaps you can easily add the buddies when you’re doing group talk aided by the individual.
Choice to set the notification contained inside the tab “Settings”. The first is the tab “Notices” contained inside the “Basic” to use to see the notifications upon the current developments of KakaoTalk and additionally information solutions. To ready the notice of incoming communications, you can easily see inside the “Alert” and pressing tab “Message Alert”. In this part, you can easily setup whether or not or not the notice of unique messages, if the initial part associated with the message definitely will be shown in the notification, whether or not emerging pop-up when there are new messages appear or perhaps not pop-up whenever screen is off ( locked), existence or lack of noise and also vibration when there tend to be new communications, and additionally whether or not or not a notification when a new chat group. Notification sound for new messages can be ready a lot more protracted in the tab ‘Poised Alert Sound “, where you can select the ringtone either contained in the bada smartphone or provided by KakaoTalk.
KakaoTalk furthermore has a special notice to alert the status of communications you send. If you find yourself inside the process of giving communications, you are going to see an evidence lhngkaran form consisting of the line – a white line that kept popping up within the edge associated with the inflate to illustrate the content which your content is within the approach of delivery. When the content you sent, definitely will appear a straight line at the edge associated with the yellow inflate content, that indicates that the message happens to be sent but not but study. Once your own content is read, the yellow line definitely will disappear and additionally you will clean the inflate message from the evidence – any kind of signal.
Features KakaoTalk
KakaoTalk application also comes aided by the capability to group chat because of the person – the person listed since your buddy in KakaoTalk, and additionally individuals – individuals which are definitely not subscribed since your buddy, however a friend of among those which accompanied inside the talk group. To start a group chat, you only should begin by way of a individual talk or perhaps “1:1 chat” with one of the friends. Subsequently, you just hit the menu switch and click the “Invite”. After which, you may be complimentary to choose what kind of pals you’d choose to join the group talk. KakakoTalk application has no limits about the maximum wide variety of subscribers that can join a group talk.
Mini profile is the profile that you may have in KakaoTalk consisting associated with the profile visualize, display name, status, cellphone quantity, and also your own ID. To poised up this profile, you just need to click the tab “Settings”, subsequently press the tab “My Profile” contained within the “Personal”. In My Profile, you can easily set the ID to the provisions of which ID you selected does not go above 20 characters. Actually so, this ID can merely be created when and you can easily certainly not be replaced all over again. Changing the profile picture you could do by pressing the current profile visualize, and you are given the choice to choose a photo from the gallery or take brand-new images or eliminate photographs that are used. You can easily also poised your display name offered which the name you choose could not surpass 20 characters. Whilst for the reputation, what kind of limitations you may have are a definite wide variety of 80 characters. Profile picture, display name, and also your status can be changed whenever you prefer. In My Profile also offers a possibility whether or not you want your own ID can be found in queries by others or perhaps not. Additionally, the My Profile additionally has your own mobile quantity, that will appear next to the profile picture. Mini profile is furthermore useful to see details about your friends. Through this mini profile, you are able to register the friend as among the favorite contacts by pressing the celebrity icon during the top associated with the mini-profile close friends. In addition, you can easily furthermore change the show name of the close friends tend to be merely noticeable by you by pressing the pencil icon regarding the mini profile.
One of several advantages KakaoTalk is how it appears that can be changed because desired, through the “Chat Space Settings” tab positioned on the “Settings”. Through this solution, you are able to change the background of the talk space KakaoTalk by pressing the tab “Default Background Skin”. You are going to consequently be given a possibility if you need to replace the background alongside one of several 10 colors available, capture a brand new image, or choose from a collection of images which you curently have.
Plus Pals
And Friends is one of the attributes possessed by KakaoTalk and definitely not owned by yet another messenger application. Through the Close friends Plus, you are able to make buddies because of the musician, brand, or your favorite media. And additionally you subsequently will get the newest news along with a wide array of information – specialized information through this Close friends And attributes.
Currently, there are really 7 Plus Buddies is available in Indonesia, namely:
  • F (x)
  • Girls’ Age bracket
  • KBS Globe
  • SHINee
  • SM Town
  • Super Junior
  • TVXQ
So far, Girls’ Age bracket happens to be a account And Pals with the many buddies, followed by F (x) right after which SHINee. Friends Plus account to include this because a buddy, you just need to press the tab “Buddies?” And then click the tab situated next to add the account name you prefer Plus Friends. You can furthermore see the profile of which account by pressing the Plus Friends account name you prefer, and also press the “Home Visit”.

Feature – a feature which is available for KakaoTalk including search integration with import and additionally export contacts from the contact list, Passcode Lock, Various emoticons, file sharing, information back up conversation, and more.
As simply chaton, KakaoTalk using an Internet connection thru GPRS, EDGE, 3G, or perhaps Wi-Fi to run it. However, KakaoTalk definitely will not eliminate (quit) when no internet connection. You can easily still open the application, as well as view your own contacts and additionally see the conversations that you may have done. But, as soon as you try to send a content, the content are not sent and also will display a notice which states you are definitely not associated alongside Internet network. In addition, it will show a red triangle with an exclamation mark on it which indicates you are certainly not associated alongside Internet network. As soon as you have connected, the signal is going to be changed by way of a balloon-shaped mark of white noise alongside a lightning symbol on it that indicates that you have connected to the Internet network.
KakaoTalk applications tend to be today available completely free regarding the Samsung Apps for Samsung Wave smartphone users that are already using bada 2.0 software platform. For now KakaoTalk to bada certainly not compatible with Cocoa Story, a public networking service and that is some sort of affiliate of KakaoTalk.


Wave 3 New Lockscreen For Wave I /Wave II

Added the Theme file that is the .smt file of the theme for easier installation
for those who fear flashing.

Easy Way
Installation procedure
1)  Just download the theme from the link given below.
2) After downloading just copy the .smt file to the OTHERS folder in the Phone Memory.
3) After that just unplug your device and go to Settings–>Display–>Theme and select the TouchWiz theme.
4) Enjoy !!
Download link for the Theme

Increase Wave 1 speaker volume on Bada 2.0

After flashing my wave to the official BADA 2.0 (S8500ODDLC2), I have noticed that the speaker output has gone down alot. Music player was OK but FM radio’ volume is awful (far below OK).
I googled alot and searched almost all related forums to fix it but could not succeed. I have seen many people out there waiting for a fix just like me.
Enough now, after several attempts i came up with a fix. Yes friends, i did tweak to increase the volume.
My hard work is not in finding the approach/solution but is in the observation i did.
We will follow the same old method (as in Bada 1.2) and nothing new. Anyways i will write down the steps for the new friends.
1) open keypad on your wave, type *#7092463*#.
2) Select “3″ for Device.
3) select “5″ for Audio.
4) select “2″ for AP volume config.
5) select “3″ for SPK config.
6) I am illustrating here for MP (music player) volume , so select “1″.
Till here, everything is same. right?? Don’t hurry yourself to select a line and change the value. The current keypad which you are seeing on the screen, accepts only a single number as value which is of no use to us.
7) select the text box beneath the keypad. This will open the extended keypad which we see during messaging. click back and select “1″ for MP volume again and click OK to proceed.
8 ) you can change the values for all the lines but i have read at many forums that changing the line 6 will alone do the trick.
9) so select “6″ and click OK. write mode is enabled.
10) enter your value (75-90 at max 100) and OK to proceed.
This is where we are all being fooled by Samsung that the phone isn’t accepting our inputs. But friends, trust me what ever value you entered a few seconds before is stored in the memory but not displayed on the screen. So do not bother for the screen values and proceed making your changes.
11) Once completed, open the music player and check. you will definitely see the difference as i saw.
12) To reconfirm this tweak, i have actually set the line values to 1. To my surprise i heard nothing (no sound) out of the music player.  when i changed to 90 again, the sound was loud. so do not bother for what you are seeing on the screen. concentrate on the values you set.
You can change the other SPK/EAR/BTH config values too as per your wish.
So guys, the same old BADA 1.2 trick still works on Bada 2.0. It worked for me and so try it and lemme know.
1. I have attachment a screen-shot illustrating the steps.
2. I didn’t check if these values still persisted after phone restart.

Friday, April 20, 2012

HEAT WAVE Theme for wave

This theme is supported on the following Samsung phones:
  • Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave II (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave III (Bada 2.0)

AccuWeather widget for samsung wave

This widget is supported on the following Samsung phones:
  • S7250 Wave M (Bada 2.0)
  • S5380 Wave Y (Bada 2.0)
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glass Theme for bada (by mahdi 95 )

This theme is supported on the following Samsung phones:
  • Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave II (Bada 2.0)
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Color Digital Clock Widget for wave

Nice color clock.
This widget is supported on the following Samsung phones:
  • Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave II (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave III (Bada 2.0)
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Glass Meteo Widget for wave

Weather a widget
This widget is supported on the following Samsung phones:
  • Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave II (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave III (Bada 2.0)
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front HD (bada - wave game)

Brothers In Arms 2 front android game 2 Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD for Android

Now you can play the highly acclaimed Brothers in Arms series for FREE! Step onto the most intense and explosive battlefields of WWII as you take on missions in 5 locations from the Pacific to Sicily, jumping inside a variety of vehicles along the way. Unlock a total of 50 missions, 8 different weapons - including the bazooka, sniper rifle and flame thrower – and a selection of clothes, med kits and more with Dog Tags found in missions or by purchasing Medals. You can even take on other soldiers like yourself in Multiplayer mode with 5 maps and 3 exciting game modes.
  • Battle across 5 locations: the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily in 50 missions.
  • Challenge up to 5 friends on five multiplayer maps in 3 different game modes.
  • Pilot 3 vehicles including the tank, jeep and glider, or gun down enemies from the turret.
  • A wide range of realistic weapons: machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, flamethrowers and more.
  • Earn Dog Tags and XP as you play to unlock tons of extra features and gear to customize your soldier.
  • Stunning graphics and authentic settings inspired by real-life battlefields from WWII.


*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

BRICKS (wave - bada game)

Bricks is a funny game for entertainment. This version has different levels of difficulty, however reaching a high score keeps your interest. Press play to start. ENJOY!
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

BRICKSBREAKER (wave - bada game)

With BRICKSBREAKER another very popular 2D game is now available on your Bada phone. Features: - Test your skills in 20 unique levels - Challenge the HIGHSCORE MODE and get a special reward if you can pass through level 20 - Or improve your abilities in FUN MODE, where you can select any level and play it - Collect powerups, which enlarge your board, add additional balls or boost your score - Control your board by using the TILT SENSOR This app supports VIBRATION and SOUND Feedback. It is recommended to restart your phone after installation. Now let's have some fun =)
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Brain Challenge (wave-bada game)

The best-selling, critically acclaimed brain training franchise arrives on Samsung phones! Pocket Gamer: “If only real-life education could be as fun as this ace brain trainer…” “It's smart, slick and a pleasure to play.” This complete brain training program comes back with a total coverage of brain activity, a personalized coach to help all brain profiles and optimized gameplay. Just like your body, your brain needs exercise to stay in shape. Maintaining it simply involves completing small exercises without pain, stress, or boredom. That’s where Brain Challenge™ comes in! It’s like a real vitamin boost for your brain. More than just a game, Brain Challenge is your personal coach and an entertaining, easy solution for keeping your brain alert. With various fun exercises, train your brain whenever and wherever you want on your Samsung phone! THE ONLY COMPREHENSIVE BRAIN TRAINING PARTNER ON SAMSUNG PHONES - 43 different mini-games. - Train in 5 categories: Visual, Memory, Logic, Math and Focus. - Develop personal tools to help prevent stress and explore your creativity. INTUITIVE AND ENGAGING GAMEPLAY - Simply touch the correct answer. - Monitor your progress with detailed stat charts. - Transform your phone into a personal coach and turn brain training into a fun gaming session! The ideal partner for your personal growth and well-being!
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

BoxesAndBall (wave-bada game)

BoxesAndBall is really a lot of fun and a big challenge game. Test your skill in 100+ awesome levels. Shoot the ball through the galaxy and hit the goal. Features: -100+ levels with much more to come -Use our own physics engine,real experience of gravity sensing and collision -runs smooth -easy, intuitive control -record the results(balls you used, how much time you needed) of each passed level.
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Bowling (wave-bada game)

Whether you are a novice or an expert bowler, Bowling is the game for you! Choose your bowling ball, and simply flick to bowl. Vary your speed and direction to get the best score and aim for the 'Perfect 300'. Play Bowling solo, against up to 3 friends using 'hotseat' multiplayer or against a choice of AI opponents! Whether you're a casual bowler who loves to hit the lanes with friends, or a die-hard enthusiast who craves a realistic game of bowling from the comfort of home, Bowling will have you in the thick of the action. No rental shoes required! Features: - Choice of bowling ball weights - Choice of game modes: solo, 'hotseat' multiplayer or against CPU - Full instructions on how to play - Audio commentator announces turns, spares and strikes!
*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Amoled v.3 Theme For Bada 2.0

The newer version of the Super Amoled theme which is made by our author who has a history of providing great themes on the site.

This theme is supported on the following Samsung phones:

  • Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave II (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave III (Bada 2.0)

DOWNLOAD (English) :

DOWNLOAD (italiano) :

DOWNLOAD (Türkçe) :

*(click link ,wait 5 seconds ,click skip ad and download)

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