Thursday, January 26, 2012

Install Wave III Apps on Wave I and Wave II (bada)

Install Wave III Apps on Wave I and Wave II. No Flash, No Installation

1-) Open kies, and go to samsungapps.
Choose Wave 3 and install which do you want apps.
Exit kies.

2-) Click here, download this hex editor.
Open Hex Editor and through it open (C:\…\samsung\Kies\Download\Applications) your .app file. (Check Last date )
press CTRL+F OR Click search-find and type 8600 as a string.

When you found, Click on each digit and change to 8530/8500 depending upon your Handset.

3-) Go to (C:\…\samsung\Kies\Download\Applications) and delete SamsungAppsLocalDB14.db3.

4-) Open kies and connect your phone.
Go to your download lists.
You’ll see downloaded wave 3 apps. But don’t push Install button !!
Open hex editor without exit kies. Now search for 8530/8500 and replace with 8600.
And save.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Poker All Stars (bada)

The premier poker app for Bada is here. You gotta know when to hold em, fold em, raise em or cut your losses. Have fun with Azuki Poker for Bada and may you cash out every round



SimplyMap 2.0 (bada)

Category: Software
Title: SimplyMap 2.0
Developer: Dinh Nho Hao
Version: 2.0.0
Language: English
OS: 2.0

Price: Free

CyanogenMod for Wave 1 and wave 2 Requesting them to make CyanogenMod available on Samsung wave 1&2

We all want android on our devices.Hence we should prove our existence and request cyanogenmod available for wave 1 and wave2.

Please open this link and sign the petition.


I just signed the following petition addressed to: CyanogenMod.

Requesting them to make CyanogenMod available to Samsung wave 1&2

Both the devices samsung wave 1 and wave 2 have more-than-perfect hardware to run Android. Thousands of people around the world would like to run android on their waves.So we sincerely request you guys to make CyanogenMod for those devices. Wave1 has the same configuration as the Galaxy S. And wave 2 has the same configuration as the Galaxy SL. As we all know CyanogenMods are the best android roms in the world, we look forward to see android running on our waves.Please port android on our waves.

Snake Snacker (bada)

Your virtual pet snake needs feeding and taking care of. Guide him through his environment to find his favourite food, apples! After each apple chomp your pet has more energy and can move faster. If you see a golden apple appear grab it quick, it’s worth lots of points! Chomp on Slow downs to bring your snake back under control and grab the diet pills to shrink the snake by three segments. You must avoid the rocks, eat these by mistake and they break his teeth – game over!

Language English

Category Games > Action

Type Application

Version 1.0.0

Updated 16-Nov-2011

OS bada

Compatible OS 1.0 +

Size 12.6MB

Music Dictionary 2.0 (bada)

Music Dictionary 2.0 is a “song and artist dictionary” of all times. 8.600+ artists and more than 480.000 songs, you can search and find every song of every artist in the world. This application also support searching lyric and information of any song in database by Google and Check it out

P/S: You want to try something FREE ? Just download “AppsBox 2.0″ from Samsung Apps. AppsBox 2.0 has many sub-application. I develope it just for you

Seller Dinh Nho Hao

Released 29-Dec-2011

Age All age

Language English

Category Music/Video

Type Application

Version 1.0.0

Updated 29-Dec-2011

OS bada

Compatible OS 2.0 +

Size 8.24MB

320 * 480 :

800 * 480 :

New Update For Kies (

Kies Update

there is new update for Samsung App Plug-in

the changes is the bar under search bar (top Right)

(Sign Out , My Page , Wish List , My Downloads)

For people who have problems with updating kies :

* close Kies

* download this file “AStore” HERE or HERE

* uncompress the file

* copy and paste it in this track :

“C:Program FilesSAMSUNGKiesPlugins”

it will ask replace ….

* confirm it

now you can use kies normal

MOCO V1.0-CUSTOM ROM_S8530XXLA1 S8530OXDLA1 XEZ (firmware)

custom rom is based on the latest bada 2.0 beta release for s8530 aka. wave 2.

Base Firmware is S8530XXLA1/S8530OXDLA1 XEZ


Social Hub Premium Activated for all the csc in the firmware. Also added new samsung sever address for socialhub premium activation as the old one was not working.
Call Recording activated.
Added Flash Themes : Wdark3 & Flash Archieve 1&2
Removed all the java apps to free up memory
Except 2 Removed all the system ringtones
Gps Fix – Location Fixing made fast
Sms & Mms Recpt. Limit made to 10 to 100


Facebook & Twitter applications are still missing but you can add them from the samsung store as they are available for wave 2.

More customizations will be coming soon as preinstalled fonts, wallpapers & asian keyboard. Just support me by downloading and flashing this custom rom.

All the valuable feedbacks are welcomed.

Note : Pls. use 7zip to extract the files.


Angry Birds and Asphalt 6 For Wave I & II (Another method For Installing all Wave 3 apps on Wave 1)

Another method For Installing all Wave 3 apps on Wave 1

its has been a very tough year for Samsung wave owners because the apps and games available for Wave 3 are not available for Older Waves.But now i think we have a way and i have already tried it and posting this method which i have received from Anonymous user who emailed me about this method yesterday and i have been trying it since then and it WORKS..

So here goes the method:

1)First of all you need to be on a bada 2.0 firmware either of the listed below:

S8500XXMBUKI1 (I had this firmware while testing but you can test in any bada 2.0 firmware)




or any other firmware.

2) The most important part is that you have to select KOR, XEU or XEV in the PreConfig.

(I recommend KOR because i have tested in that version)

3)You can get into PreConfig by typing *#272*XXXX#

(Here XXXX stands for the actual time in your phone eg 2020 which stands for 8:20 PM)

4)After getting into PreConfig select KOR.

(Note: When you select KOR your data will be LOST so make a backup before doing all this)

5) Now open Samsungapps(the app) in your Phone.After opening it download Quick QR Reader.

Now scan the QR code given below with the QR reader app.

6) Now after scanning the above code the Samsungapps store will open and it will show “HQTEST_ODC_2_0_VERIF” .You have to Install this app.After installation there will be two samsung app stores in your Phone.

7) Open the Test Samsung app store(the one you downloaded through the above step) and Search for Angry birds and Asphalt 6 and download them and ENJOY.

8) If you cannot run the app try restarting the phone or try changing the language and then revert back to the original language.And also turn off your WiFi or Packet Data Connection (2G or 3G).

NOTE: These instructions are only for research and testing purposes! You are trying these method at your own risk and responsibility.This might be considered as a illegal act in some countries.We are emphasizing that these instructions are only for Research or Testing Only.

Note: This method may get fixed by Samsung very soon so grab angry birds and asphalt 6 before Samsung fixes this.

You can download other apps for testing eg:

1)Contact Hider

2) UTube Downloader

3) Hangman HD

4) Western Platte

And Many More

(You can download only new apps by tapping on the “new” tab on the Test Samsung App Store.Only new apps would work not the old apps.)

Final defence (bada)

Released 10-Jan-2012

Age 18 +

Language English

Category Games > Role Playing

Type Application

Version 1.0.0

Updated 10-Jan-2012

OS bada

Compatible OS 1.0 +

Supported devices: S8500/S8530

Size 10.72MB

This version only supports wave1

This game is the first person shooter games with modern war and World War II style. Players act as heavy machine gunner in the game to protect the beach and prevent from the enemy assault from sea landing.

  1. Use gravity to control gun sight.
  2. Use green cannon, missiles and aviation to attack the enemy.
  3. The enemy’s ability each has its own characteristics.
  4. Can be upgraded to strengthen own strength



The Dancing 2 (Bada Themes)

Category : Themes

Os : Bada 2.0

Supported Device : Wave 723



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Barcode Clock Black Widget

Barcode Clock Black - Clock - Day - Month - Year - Change colours of text by tapping on screen
This widget is supported on the following Samsung phones:
Wave 525
Wave 533
Wave 723

Barcode Clock White Widget

Barcode Clock white - Clock - Day - Month - Year - Change colours of text by tapping on screen
This widget is supported on the following Samsung phones:
Wave 525
Wave 533
Wave 723

ClockWeather Spirelli-cyan Widget

Clock and Weather
This widget is supported on the following Samsung phones:
Wave S8500

Miami Nights 2 (java)

Build a prestigious career and join the circle of the most influential people in Miami. Due to its popularity, you'll meet such unexpected and crazy people who would seem to have gone directly from the screens. All characters in the game is pretty good memory, so do not insult them, or they can hurt you at the most inopportune moment. Take advantage of its fame flirting, kissing, seducing, and so on ... But do not forget to build relationships, especially with his former, otherwise they will follow you closely.
-Play card is 3 times higher than in the first version, 30 new locations including Key Biscayne
-Choose any career (detective, the publisher, party animal, a hunter after a fashion)
, Meet the symbolic characters of your favorite movies
, play more and build a new career, and live with the new neighbors - the game is brand new!
-characters with human memory: build relationships with other characters at every meeting
-Pull in the adventure of friends and family, thanks to camera functions.Download

Call Of Duty: Black Ops (java)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops (java)
Cuperspravedlivye;) American brave heroes in this part trample against Vietnam.Cyuzhet dedicated to the events of the Cold War. Players will visit Vietnam, Cuba, South America and even take part in Operation Detachment SAS during the siege of the Iranian Embassy in London in April 1980. Download

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